Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to Organized: Toddler

This is the third installment in a series of four posts designed to help you get Back to Organized, whether you’re expecting your first child, wrangling a toddler or preparing a big kid for school.

Finally, out of the baby stage! That means you no longer have to haul as much stuff, right? Well, sort of. While bottles and binkys may be a thing of the past, there’s still a whole slew of gear you need to haul around to keep your little one happy and entertained when you’re out and about. Here, some tips to help you organize it all while staying stylish.

Back to Organized Tip #1: Toddlers are messy; you need a Wet Bag. We could go on and on about all the messy things you could toss in a Wet Bag: leftover snacks, sippy cups, swim gear, cloth diapers….Instead, let’s put it this way: if it could potentially stain or ruin everything else you carry around, it can (and should) go in the Wet Bag. A water-resistant lining and zipper closure keep your wet/sticky/dirty stuff contained. Just remember to empty the contents when you get home!

Back to Organized Tip #2: You’re a seasoned mom now: pare down your gear for quick trips. By now you know that you don’t need to haul a nursery’s worth of gear for your daily jaunt to Starbucks. Just toss a strategically-filled Diaper Clutch in the car or stroller and you’re good to go. What do we recommend? Two diapers and a travel pack of wipes, a pocket-sized board book and maybe a Matchbox car or other small toy for your little one, and a few bucks, lip balm and keys for you.

Back to Organized Tip #3: Pass it on! You’ve made it through the baby stage—learning how to care for an infant and getting a feel for what you needed, and--maybe more importantly--what you didn’t. Why not pass your expert knowledge on to a new mom-to-be? Pick up a PishPosh Carryall and stock it with the supplies that you loved best when your big boy or girl was just a little thing. There’s nothing a new mom would appreciate more than a little helping hand from someone who’s been there.

Tell us: moms of toddlers, what do you find most exciting, interesting, challenging about having a toddler?

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