Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Wet Bag, Five Ways- PishPosh Mommy Wet Bag

Wet Bag? What’s a Wet Bag? Is it meant to get wet? Well, kinda. PishPosh Mommy Wet Bags are designed to keep your wet (or potentially wet) stuff safe from everything else you’re toting around. And they look pretty darn cute doing it! Here are 5 different uses for our Wet Bag:

1) Potty Training
You’re potty training so naturally you’re terrified of leaving the house. What if there’s an accident? What will you do with pants covered in pee…or worse? Bring your Wet Bag along! Stow dry backup clothes in the outer pocket and contain accidents and odors in the main water-resistant pocket. Zip the pockets closed, fold and snap the bag, and no one but you will know that that cute wristlet you’re sporting is actually a potty training lifesaver!

2) Cloth Diapering
You’re already doing your part for the environment by using cloth diapers. Using our Wet Bag is one more eco-friendly step you can take to cut down on environmental waste—a washable, reusable bag to store the dirties when you’re away from home. Besides, don’t you deserve something a lil’ cuter than that recycled grocery store bag?

3) Swim Lessons
Each week, you pack up the suits, towels, goggles and swim diapers and each week you come home with a tote bag full of sopping wet swim gear. Sometimes your dry stuff ends up just as wet in the rush to get changed and out of the locker room. A Wet Bag separates the wet from the dry and you’ll be amazed how much you can fit into one: a towel; swimsuit; cap and goggles!

4) Toiletries
Tired of storing your toiletries in a boring, quart-size Ziploc bag? Our Wet Bag is the perfect little treat for yourself to stow shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and whatever else you take on trips to the gym or while traveling. Use the dry outer pocket to stash essentials like keys, wallet, phone and gloss and you’re set to go.

5) Wristlet
Let’s face it; you haven’t treated yourself to a cute new bag in quite some time. You feel too guilty to spend on yourself. You can use a Wet Bag on those rare occasions you get a moment to yourself and there are plenty of ways to use it for your kids (see #’s 1-3 above, for starters). No guilt, just organized style.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You!

Thanks to all that donated to the Red Cross! We have closed the "Free Carryall when you donate" offer as we no longer have any more carryalls to give out. Please continue to follow us on twitter and facebook for upcoming promotions and events!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FREE Carryall when you donate!

Like so many others, we were devastated to learn of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and wanted to find a way to help those affected. So we thought, why not use what we have on hand? We have some Carryalls that were manufactured to the same high standards as all the Carryalls we sell but with slight defects in the print. We obviously would not sell these to you, but it's too much of a waste to
discard. We want to give it to you for FREE (you pay for shipping). All we ask in return is for a $5 donation to be given to the Red Cross Relief Fund.

The Carryalls have some discolorations, smudges, etc., but the functionality is perfect: same water resistant lining, same size, same number of pockets. This is a great way for you to try out a carryall if you're not sure if it'll suit your needs. Or if you already have one maybe you were thinking of getting another. In any case, you’ll be donating to an extremely worthy cause and also be receiving something you can put to good use in your own life.

To donate place your order online on our website.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Newest Product: The PishPosh Mommy Wet Bag!

We are so excited to announce our newest PishPosh Mommy product—our Wet Bag! This stylish, eco-friendly, reusable bag holds all your wet stuff, from infant diapers to toddler potty training gear to big kid swimsuits. It’s perfect for all the stages of your kid’s life, and you can even use it for yourself to store makeup and toiletries for travel or trips to the gym.

We designed our Wet Bag as we do all of our products—to provide maximum organization and style! Two pockets keep your gear organized and protected. The main pocket has a zipper closure and is made of a water-resistant lining sewn to prevent leakage while an exterior pocket keeps your dry items dry. And because it’s PishPosh, a handle and snaps on the outside let you fold the bag into a chic wristlet. Cute, huh? The Wet Bag is machine washable and available in our signature prints, so you can pick one up to match your existing Carryall or Clutch.

Wet Bags will be available on our site beginning mid-March, but you, dear blog, Facebook and Twitter followers, can pre-order yours now and get $5 off the $17.99 purchase price. Just email and we'll send you a paypal invoice.
Make sure to tell a friend— a deal this good just begs to be shared!