Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to Organized: Pre-Natal

This is the first installment in a series of four posts designed to help you get Back to Organized, whether you’re expecting your first child, wrangling a toddler or preparing a big kid for school.

It’s true; you can never fully be prepared for a new baby. But there’s a lot you can do to make life as a new mom easier, starting with packing your hospital bag. A super cute bag will distract attention from the dark ones underneath your eyes, and if you pack smart you won’t have to use what little brain power you have left to find what you need in a sleepless haze.

Back to Organized Tip #1: Choose a PishPosh Mommy Carryall to serve as your hospital bag. With pockets galore, you’ll have plenty of room to stash your stuff and, bonus, once you leave the hospital the Carryall will fit into your existing purse—no trading designer style for a diaper bag dud. Pre-hospital, stock your Carryall with these essentials:
• A couple pairs of cheap but comfy underwear – hospital-issue ‘underwear’ is little more than an oversized gauze bandage
• A cute, cozy robe – for when you’re taking those first few tentative steps around your room and up and down the halls post-delivery
• Your favorite snack –hospital food is fine, but post-delivery you might be jonesing for your favorite candy bar. You’ve earned it!

Back to Organized Tip #2:
Treat yourself to a matching PishPosh Diaper Clutch. This chic little wristlet will house essential toiletries while you’re at the hospital and works double duty in day-to-day life as a diaper/wipes holder and date night accessory. Toss these staples into your clutch:
• Travel-size bottle of your favorite face wash – you’ll probably skip your makeup routine, so why not indulge with a luxurious clean to make you feel more like yourself again?
• Lip balm – hospitals are notorious for dry air; you’ll be reaching for this time and again
• Deodorant and toothbrush – good hygiene will make you feel human again

Back to Organized Tip #3:
Relax and enjoy the ride! The final weeks before baby are one of the most anxious, exciting periods of your life. Savor your final moments of childlessness and look forward to the thrilling journey ahead – you’re on your way to becoming a PishPosh Mommy!

Tell us: experienced moms, what must-have item did you pack in your hospital bag or what did you leave behind that you wish you hadn’t?

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  1. In addition to the robe, having my slippers with me made it so much more comfortable to walk around the halls in. Also, we had our MP3 player with portable speakers. During labor, it helped not only me and my husband stay energetic, but the OB and nurses got into it too! After delivery, it was nice to have some quiet soothing music even for a few minutes here and there.